Top 10 Bible Verses for Depression: Hopeless Heart Talks to God

You question your own worth. There are millions of people, but no one answers your cry. There is a black-holed heart inside of you—full of despair and anger. Small voices that are irresistibly shouting for dismal death but these Bible verses for depression can help you silence it.     Depression is fatal.  You either [read more]

Amazing Christian Leadership Books to Read Right Now

“Christian leadership is a dynamic relational process in which people, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, partner to achieve a common goal – it is serving others by leading and leading others by serving.” -Christian Leadership Center Everyone has the ability to lead, nurture, and comfort people, but you can never be a good [read more]

7 Top Influences that Aspiring Christian Motivational Speakers Should Follow

Treasuring life with Christ is an unwasted life. That is, you choose not to squander every moment, to never let your time pass in tribulations and qualms, and lay your life to pursue God’s calling. The same with Christian motivational speakers, they have chosen the road not taken. It’s a path toward a selfless love. [read more]

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From the Bible

Let’s help you study the overarching story of the Bible and shed light to its inner context through the different verses, stories, and sayings.

Living the Christian Way

Live life with Christ’s teachings, and practice mindfulness to embody the true Christian values.

Prayer and Devotion

Worship prayers and devotional mantras can cure our wounded heart. Talk with God through a prayer to guide you in your everyday thanksgiving and adoration.

Religion and Spiritual Studies

Discover more on the broader issues of theology and religion, including history and spiritual studies of other denominations.


“If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever”
-John 14:15

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