Give thanks and adore His Holy name.

Prayer and Devotion

9 Christian Daily Devotional Books for Your Day-to-Day Worship and Prayer

Whether you’re a pastor, a student, or devotee, God longs for you to feel His presence, to discover the beautiful life he created. He wants you to spiritually grow in full bloom and show others that there is beauty in worshiping Him. So to help you with that journey, Christian writers have made books of [read more]

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Seven Powerful Morning Prayers

7 Powerful Morning Prayers

As a Christian, ask God’s forgiveness. Ask for serenity of mind. Ask for the wisdom of heart. Then let yourself surrender to His will.

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The Beauty and Spiritual Meaning of Praise

In religious context, the true meaning of praise and worship is seen as a deep reverence to the Almighty Creator—to honor the Divine and to venerate the disciples.

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