Morning Meditation to Start a Peaceful Day

Wake Up Positively with This Relaxing Morning Meditation Prayer Technique

We all need that idyllic feeling when we wake up, where we can greet the sun with a fresh breeze of another new blessing.

But as we all do, our morning routines usually evolve around checking our phones, trying to snooze for more, or getting up without knowing what to do next.

morning meditationAccording to Harvard researchers, daily meditation reduces stress and other health ailments.

Practicing a little meditation a day lowers stress hormones and increases relaxation response.

People who joined in the company’s morning mindfulness meditation program get 20% good sleep, 28% stress reduction, and 19% less discomfort, all while getting high levels of productivity as well.


Positive Benefits of Early Morning Meditation

  • Increases optimal health
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Prevents the risk of heart condition
  • Relieves anxiety, anger, and confusion
  • Enhances mindfulness
  • Improves sleep
  • Gives therapeutic benefits
  • Doubles day-to-day productivity
  • Creates serenity and balance
  • Upsurges creativity
  • Lowers blood pressure level
  • Gives focus and concentration
  • Develops memory recall
  • Boosts the body’s immune system


Try these five ways to a peaceful morning prayer meditation.

woman meditating

  1. Set a routine

Although you can meditate anytime, mornings are the best time since you are going to start your day ahead.

Schedule a certain time where you can actually have an opportunity for a meditation routine.

Before you get out of your bed, spend five or ten minutes to set a positive energy for the day. While your mind is in relaxed state after you wake up, start your early morning meditation.

Do this daily and you’ll see the wonderful difference meditation can make.

  1. Focus and Be mindful

Pay more attention to the present moment experience, not neither on the past nor the future. Being mindfulness is a special method that builds up your self-awareness—both mental and physical state.

You can light one candle and focus on its luminosity, feeling its heat and stillness, or you can focus more on your breathing, the rise and fall of your breath.

  1. Get enough sleep

A good night rest is an essential routine that sets the mood in your mornings. With proper health nutrients and sleeping time, you are confident that your day will feel less stress and tiring.

  1. Wake up early

Make sure you get up early to have enough time to meditate. So obviously, you need to sleep early as well. The secret here is to maintain a well-balanced schedule on what time to sleep and rise.

  1. Gather your thoughts.

Before starting with your meditation in morning, ask yourself some simple questions quietly.

You may ask these questions:

  • What am I thankful for?
  • How can I gratify God on this wonderful day?
  • What good qualities will I apply today?

Rather than thinking how this day will become a mess, start with generating positive thoughts instead.

Start Your 10-Minute Morning Meditation Prayer

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