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Top 10 Bible Verses for Depression: Hopeless Heart Talks to God

You question your own worth. There are millions of people, but no one answers your cry. There is a black-holed heart inside of you—full of despair and anger. Small voices that are irresistibly shouting for dismal death but these Bible verses for depression can help you silence it.     Depression is fatal.  You either [read more]

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Ripples of Compassion: 8 Adorable Bible Storybooks that Teach Kids Kindness

With delightful stories and vibrant illustrations, these eight bible storybooks will help you teach little ones that kindness can create ripples of compassion.

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Theories of Biblical Inspiration

Holy as it may be, the Bible is a subject of much debate, whether its inspiration is truly from the works of the Holy Spirit or only written by the hands of man.
Over the years, the Bible was spread and taught in every Christian teaching. The Holy Scripture states that “God breathed out all the scripture” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Many believe that every single word is given from the Father to guide us in our darkest path.

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