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7 Top Influences that Aspiring Christian Motivational Speakers Should Follow

Treasuring life with Christ is an unwasted life. That is, you choose not to squander every moment, to never let your time pass in tribulations and qualms, and lay your life to pursue God’s calling. The same with Christian motivational speakers, they have chosen the road not taken. It’s a path toward a selfless love. And the strong reason for this is beyond the inner turmoil—pushing forward into hope and faith.

As you choose this road less traveled, knowing that this leads to Him, you have to stand up and speak about suffering, of love, of adventure, and even longing.

And so for others to inspire, you have to inspire yourself first. Here we’ve compiled the top seven Christian motivational speakers for you to listen closely and learn from their extraordinary sojourns in life.

1. Sam Bracken

Bracken is a living testimony that whatever life may throw at you, you should overcome and persist. In his first book, My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change, he penned some of his bitter experiences, memoirs of the past that have made him to reinvent himself and fight on—despite the abuse he experienced during his childhood. It’s a harsh path that eventually led him to re-think and overflowed himself with positivity, to grab his dreams.Today, Bracken shares his journey and inspire others to beat all odds and hope for the best. He also founded the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, to help students give them proper education and new opportunities they always needed.


2. Donovan Livingston

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He is an award-winning educator, poet, and author of Lift Off, Livingston was widely recognized from his spoken word poem that went viral during the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education convocation address. He was featured in different news outlets across America, from CNN, BBC, NBR, and even in Good Morning America.

Livingston is an inspiration to all young individuals, who knows that dreams are meant to be achieved. His extraordinary character and commitment to spread the truth and light are what keeps this generation alive and hopeful for years to come.


3. Kate Bowler

In the face of Stage IV colon cancer, Kate Bowler didn’t stop reaching for God’s embrace, and continue to motivate individuals to breathe the fresh air despite the cruelty of life. A young mother and an assistant professor at Duke University, she managed to live with the chronic condition and share insights to every individual that suffering can be a path to find our real self, a quest to see the life’s beauty.  She also wrote the “Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me,” an acclaimed New York Times essay sharing the after-tale of her diagnosis, and his journey to understand human suffering. Her book, Everything Happens for a Reason also echoes wisdom and humor, as she struggled to find happiness and meaning in every ache and tears.


4. Thomas Cahill

New York Times-bestselling author of The Hinges of History series, Cahill is one of the most acclaimed influencers and well-versed speakers in today’s society. His works and lectures are remarkably discerning. In some of his talks, he engages his audience with entertaining parables and stories from most influential people of our age. His lectures are usually full of life, packed with wisdom and insights that are truly too good not to cherish and keep.


5. Carine McCandless

McCandless is an author, activist, and entrepreneur who has made a name not only in books, but also in a critically acclaimed film adaptation of the book, Into the Wild, where she mostly contributed in script and narrative of the film alongside with the award-winning actor and director, Sean Penn. She also wrote a memoir, The Wild Truth that became a New York Times and a National Best Seller, and was chosen as one of the Best Books of 2014. She shared a talk entitled “Your DNA Does not Define You” in TEDxEMory about her older brother’s life, Chris—which was made into a powerful book, Into the Wild.


6. Bryan Stevenson

The Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson is a renowned lawyer and an author who wrote a memoir entitled Just Mercyto share stories of a young lawyer. It’s an interesting tale of how justice is scarce and not even serve to the right people—a life-changing story that inspire us to do what is right and defend it at all costs. He is also recognized as the “America’s young Nelson Mandela” with his works and efforts that have saved dozens of prisoners and even put at rest some of the nation’s unfair constitutions. His TED Talk has received for over four million views, and named it as one of the most important TED Talks in the history.

Stevenson was also awarded numerous medals and grant, such as the NAACP Image Award for Best Non-Fiction, and hailed as one of the Time’s 100 Most Influential People for 2015 and one of the Fortune’s 2016 World’s Greatest Leaders List.


7. Jedidiah Jenkins

Jenkins’s main goal is to inspire individuals to live every single day with wonder and adventure. Jenkins’s fulfilling journey started when he pedaled from Oregon to Patagonia—a bicycle trip he dared to find oneself and connect with the natural world. It’s an incredible trip, which made him wrote a memoir entitled, “To Shake the Sleeping Self: A 10,000-mile Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and One Man’s Quest to Wake Up the Soul,” a riveting travel experience filled with purpose and meaning.

At the core of Jenkins’s travels, he encourages his audience to explore the great horizon, and believe that life is full of excitement that you only have to go out and embrace the possibilities. As he says, “It’s not about the bike, it’s about getting out of your routine—and that could look like anything.”

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