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Amazing Christian Leadership Books to Read Right Now

“Christian leadership is a dynamic relational process in which people, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, partner to achieve a common goal – it is serving others by leading and leading others by serving.”

-Christian Leadership Center

Everyone has the ability to lead, nurture, and comfort people, but you can never be a good spiritual leader without the help of these Christian leadership books. So, let us give you some inspirational materials that Christian leaders also want you to learn.

Have faith in God and spread his words through these best Christian leadership books that are listed below:


 The Conviction to Lead by Al Mohler

My goal is to change the way you think about leadership. I do not aim merely to add one more voice to the conversation; I want to fundamentally change the way leadership is understood and practiced.

Al Mohler’s warning at the beginning of the book makes you see the other aspects of leadership. He brings you to the deepest core of understanding about how leaders should act or lead his/her folks in promoting the words of God. The Conviction to Lead is one of the best Christian leadership books that guide the reader to create and redefine Christian leadership. It will be inextricable from intensely held beliefs, and to influence those who are extremely committed to truth to develop your leadership skills. This is a leadership book that motivates you to become a great Christian leader.

Bigger, Faster Leadership: Lessons from the Builders of the Panama Canal by Dr. Sam Chand

This Christian business leadership book aims to give and produce new insights on the life cycle of business church organizations. This is a guidebook to understand the series of events that are happening in business and Church. When Dr. Chand visited the Panama Calan, he said that passion isn’t the answer, and bigger dreams aren’t always the solution. Every leader is asking two questions: How can we grow? How can we grow faster? The only way organizations can grow bigger and move faster is by accelerating the excellence of their systems and structures. His words really help in changing the system of the economy. His insights and ideas on leadership can help the betterment of the world.

Talking with God: What to Say When You Don’t Know How to Pray by Adam Weber

Maybe some of you may not know how to pray, but no worries, Talking with God: What to Say When You Don’t Know How to Pray by Adam Weber, will guide you. This is a good Christian leadership book that enables you to pray solemnly and wholeheartedly without doubt in your heart. Because if you are a leader, you should have the will to pray for salvation, to communicate with God. Prayer is plain and simple. There is no need to exaggerate things to make your prayer worthy. A prayer only needs one thing, and that is sincerity. If you pray to God with your heart, mind, body, and soul then you do it right. This book will help you understand the true essence of prayer.                     

Kill the Spider: Getting Rid of What Is Holding You Back by Carlos Whittaker

This book shows how some people can become so pretentious towards living their faith. Carlos, as the main character of the book, have hidden his true, ugly nature behind a mask. He has lived his life going to church every day. But sometimes, life will shake off your soul that it changes you into a person you don’t want to be. Carlos is so afraid to face his fear. His fears have pulled him down, and he became the person he hated the most. The book’s story reminds us to conquer our fear so you can live in peace. Although facing your fears may have some consequences but at least you get rid of it, the sooner the better.

Finding Joy in The Midst of Sorrow by Mike McCrum

This Christian leadership book is for the families out there who experienced a great tragedy in life but still managed to stand up in the midst of the challenges they are facing. Every family has a story to tell. Mike and Debbie McCrum write a book about the journey of their family’s challenging voyage of faith, and how they overcome it. Good leaders experience downfall and obstacles in life. And these experiences are their wellspring of wisdoms when they preach.

There are lots of amazing Christian leadership books to read that will inspire you. However, these books we shared to you are your key to deliver the words of God in the most caring way to capture the heart of the people. Start reading these books now!

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