7 Powerful Morning Prayers

Greet your day with praise and thanksgiving!

Mornings are God’s first blessing to us. Whether you are distraught, joyful, or blessed, seek God’s eternal presence every morning, and allow His infinite power to shower you with peace of mind.

Glorify Him as you are given the wonderful chance to breathe the air again.

Rise early and pray early as your mind and spirit are at peace. Because once you embrace God in the morning light, your life will always begin with abundance of faith and courage to face the day confidently.

As a Christian, ask God’s forgiveness. Ask for serenity of mind. Ask for the wisdom of heart. Then let yourself surrender to His will.

Exalt the Lord’s name and fill your hearts with His mercy and compassion. Contemplate and prepare your day in the hands of our Savior.

To begin the day the Lord has made for you, here are seven perfect morning prayers to start your mornings better.

7 powerful morning prayers