Writing a Prayer Journal

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Whenever you stray away from God’s presence, you’ll gradually feel dull in your spiritual life. But if you joyfully submit your days to the Lord, you’ll feel His love embracing and comforting you. Keep God closer by maintaining a daily prayer journal that will re-ignite your faith each day.

Here we have some tips on keeping your very own daily prayer journal.

writing a prayer journal

1. Prepare a journal notebook.

Make your prayer journal simple but special. Label your writing with a date, Bible verse of the day, your reflection, and your own prayer.

2. Find a quiet spot.

Pick a serene place where you can meditate and reflect. God resides in silence, and in silence, you will hear Him. You can write early morning or late night, away from distractions.

3. Write every day.

Make it a daily habit to share your day in the journal.  Write everything that you have in mind and in the deepest recesses of your heart. Like praying, your words should be earnest, honest, and warm.

Remember the P.R.A.Y. pattern-

4. Read your notes and reflect on them.

After writing for a week or month, read and decide if you like that method. If not, you can try another journal writing style. Re-evaluate your goal and reflect on the path of your spiritual course.

5. Be honest with yourself when you write.

Pour out all your whole self in the page. Don’t hide the desires of your heart, nor the troubles of your life. Because the more you open up yourself unto Him, the more you release your fears and doubts.

Writing out your prayers is a helpful option when you’re in distress or feeling depressed. Know that God always hears all the words you wrote on your journal. If you’re out of things to write, you can quote Bible verses and do a reflection.