12 Ways to Live a Healthy Spiritual Life When You Are Spiritually Drying

Yes, you eat plenty of nutritious food, exercise at the gym, and sleep right. You may have a physically fit body and a vigorous style of living. But when you think of it, do you really have a complete, healthy life when you, too, often forget to take care of your soul?

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them (John 7:38).

You may feel alive, but a depleting spirituality can make you feel empty and weary—like the inner self starting to dry out. And if left neglected, you get drained from your sense of fullness. Your joy seems scant, His voice so distant, and negative thoughts and emotions are always present.

This is the challenge for you as a Christian.

To maintain a healthy spiritual life, here are some practical ways you can start doing now:


1. Read the Bible regularly.

It’s important to keep His words in your thoughts and in everything you say and do. Reading the Bible can help you keep closer to God’s wisdom and teachings. Take about fifteen minutes of in the morning to read and reflect on the Bible verses.

Read the Bible regularly

2. Serve the Church.

A Christian who doesn’t get involved in the ministry of Church is a barren follower of Christ. Join discipleship ministries, participate in different Christian programs, or simply invite friends to attend a church service.

3. Live a life full of prayer and thanksgiving.

One of the many ways to nurture your spiritual life is to strengthen your prayer life. Start your own dialogue with Christ through listening to Him. Attend prayer groups regularly, or keep a prayer journal. Give thanks for every little thing you receive.

4. Meditate and connect.

Meditate and connectWhen you feel spiritually dead, you can have a peaceful meditation, undisturbed from all the noise of the world.

5. Show your love for your neighbor.

Your neighbor means your family, friends, or even your enemies. Be always available when someone needs your help and listen to those who are lonely, alone, and sick.

6. Learn how to fast.

Not necessarily on food-fasting, you can minimize spending your time on the Internet, or from watching television, or anything that saps your attention that you often forget to focus on Him.

7. Cultivate silence and solitude.

A tranquil mind and soul can fortify the presence of Christ. Never underestimate the power of silence, because it is where peace and harmony resides. Give yourself some me-time and take a moment away from the hassles of life.

Cultivate silence and solitude

8. Cast all your anxiety on Him (1 Peter 5:7).

Don’t worry too much about your burdens and worries. Turn them all to God and He will take care of you. Just magnify your patience, and all will be well. As St. Augustine says, “Pray as though everything depends on God; work as if everything depends on you.”

9. Always do your best

Whenever you feel life seems too difficult, do your very best to stand up. Strive and persevere for God will also do His best to carry you.

10. Start your day with thanksgiving

Be grateful for every sunshine. Praise the Lord with prayer, and begin your day with gratitude to God for the gift of new day.

Start your day with thanksgiving

11. Extend love and kindness

Be compassionate to every one you meet. Help them, or even forgive the ones who did wrong to radiate God’s unconditional mercy and love.

12. Share your spiritual journey

Share your spiritual experience of faith and love to others. You can self-publish a Christian book and inspire people with your story and with His words.

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