Unlocking the True Self through Spiritual Awakening

Basic Symptoms You Are Experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment

It isn’t by getting out of the world that we become enlightened,
but by getting into the world…
by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves
of our existence and never get tossed
because we become the waves.

– Ken Kesey


Have you ever felt that you are one with the world? You become aware of your spiritual nature? And acknowledge that your existence is as fleeting as the wind?

These questions carry truth that we may ignore even if they’re right into our faces.

Spiritual awareness is opening our inner soul into its true purpose and abilities. You begin to pay attention to the small details of life. And life has more meaning to you rather than just eat, work, and sleep.

Below are the elements and signs you will experience and feel during the process of awakening.

Inner Harmony.

You are deeply conscious of your inner self. You know your weaknesses and strengths—embracing them like you embrace life without fear. The awakening process has given you transcendental human consciousness, or what they call the “super consciousness.”

Problems don’t bother you anymore and you stop worrying. You find inner peace and live joyfully embracing the sufferings of life with harmony in mind and heart.

Inner Happiness.

You don’t seek happiness outside yourself anymore; instead you understand that happiness can’t be physically seen or touched, but only spiritually felt and kept. Worldly materials don’t matter to you. They are illusions and only echoes of true life, not the life itself.

When you experience spiritual awakening, you abandon worldly and temporal happiness.

Inner Divinity.

You are deeply aware that there’s a hint of divine within you. You feel that you’re a little fragment of the Supreme Being. That means there is a Godly piece in each one of us. Thus, your spiritual awakening can be manifested through a religious or mystical experience.

You can also become interested in metaphysical phenomena, like psychics, poltergeist, telepathy, and near-death experiences.


Empathy and Compassion.

Another sign that you are spiritually awakened is you show mercy and kindness to others. You are aware of the spiritual connection that binds you and the people around you. Since you also feel connected with the universe for some reason, you become generous unto others, because you feel you are part of them and them part of you.

But what makes spiritual life so ineffable is that you can feel the slightest thread that connects us as a one sacred union.

Vessel of the Soul.

You understand that the flesh is the vessel of your true self—the body which is only temporal and passing. Physical health and appearance doesn’t worry you most of the time, but you cultivate spiritual wisdoms more often.

You don’t fear death and believe that death is a transition to a rebirth, because you acknowledge you’re an immortal spirit.

Meaningful Synchronicities.

The awakening process has given you spiritual guidance. These coincidences give you the meaning that you are at the right path. Others would call this as a “wink” from the universe, a unique incidence that is brought at the right moment.

Since we are all connected, choreographed occurrences appear in life. You’ll notice small details, like receiving a message from someone right after thinking about him or her, or the digital clock turns 1:11 the same as the book page number 111 you just read.

These may be strange events that may lead you to tremble, but these are signs that you may, or may not notice, that your soul has been awakened.