Spiritual Growth: Stages to True Devotion

Spiritual growth is vital to any faithful’s way of life. As such, it’s vital to recognize what needs to be developed in terms of one’s faith. Anyone devoted to producing an excellent interior life would benefit from recognizing the various stages of spirituality.

What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth is the process where we become more and more like Christ as we put our faith in him, to be molded by the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate aim to become closer to Christ, as our faith paves the way into oneness and into developing a personal relationship with God.

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Attaining spiritual growth may not be easy enough for everyone. So to help out those who seek spiritual growth, here are the stages of spiritual development.

  1. Spiritually Dead

Spiritually dead people are those who haven’t accepted Christ at all and may have rejected God altogether. They often live selfishly and are in need of true Christian spirituality, although they may claim not to need God. Being spiritually dead is the first of the spiritual growth stages.

  1. Infant Stage

At this stage, people have already accepted Christ, but haven’t taken a step further, as they may just be standing still in their faith. In general, they tend to focus on themselves before anything else. However, they have much more room for growth in their spiritual consciousness.

  1. Child Stage

Those in the child stage have started to take a stand for Christ. They allow themselves to be guided by God’s word in their life, following the footsteps of Christ. Yet they’re still lacking in regards to their devotion, as they still focus on their earthly comforts and will yet need to be growing in Christ.

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  1. Young Adult Stage

Individuals in the young adult stage of their spirituality gear themselves toward the needs of others instead of their own. They follow the creed of Christ, with knowledge that their role is to minister to others. They are almost at their spiritual growth and maturity.

  1. Parent Stage

In the parent stage, people now have an incredibly deep comprehension of the word of God. Every day of their lives, they live by the teachings of Christ. They depend on God when making decisions, always considering others before themselves. As such, they invite people to the Christian fold, toward faith and development.

Finding spirituality is to seek out Christ and to put one aside in favor of others.  Following the word of God will transform us by grace, thus perfecting the nature of our devotion and spiritual awareness. Hence, we need to be aware of what spiritual growth in Christianity is.