Short Morning Prayers to Fuel Your Spirit

Five Daily Prayers to Freshen Every Morning

Short Morning Prayers to Fuel Your Spirit

Prayer nourishes the soul just as healthy food does to the body. Besides a filling breakfast, a morning prayer is highly recommended for a good morning and rest of the day.

May they be short prayers from the bible or personal words of faith, gratitude, intercession, and others, saying prayers is a great way to invigorate the soul.

For many, praying to God is a way to communicate with Him their feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams.

Through prayer, people gain God’s comfort and love to sustain their day and to gain strength to follow His will.

Praying not only encourages positive emotions but also combats negative ones.

Because of God’s unconditional love, praying to Him is comparable to an incredibly heartfelt embrace which can erase any and all dark shades in one’s heart.

Here are five short morning prayers to start your day with a fresh and positive perspective:

Prayer for a Good Day
Heavenly Father, bless this day to yield marvels.
Bless my actions to become expressions of Your goodness.
Today let me be Your instrument to inspire and spread Your love.


My Morning Prayer
Good morning, God!
Thank You for the gift of life You have bestowed upon me today.
I am eternally grateful for wonderful and loving people You have surrounded me with.
Thank You for the wonderful creations I am living with now.
Please give me courage and wisdom to make You proud today.


Short Prayer of Praise
Lord, let every day be a celebration of Your grace and glory.
Make me an instrument of Your goodness.


Prayer for Morning Inspiration
Dear God,
Please bless my eyes to see the goodness and beauty in Your creations.
Bless my ears to hear the wisdom in every word.
Bless my nose to smell past the imperfections.
Bless my mouth to speak words of kindness and comfort.
Lastly, bless my hand to do good today.


Prayer for Strength
Dear God,
My heart is filled with anxiety and fear today.
Please bless me with peace and courage.
Fill me with Your Grace so I can face this day with a smile.
Gift me with Your presence so I can respond with kindness instead of hurt.
Hold my hand and guide me to Your path.