The Only Biblical Meditation Techniques You Solely Need for Inner Peace

How to Begin a 12-Minute Biblical Meditation to Seek Spiritual Harmony You Can Do Every Day

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How to reconnect with God?

Through biblical meditation, you are given the chance to ponder on God’s Word and perpetual presence. Simple meditation from Christian books and Bible passages can elevate your spiritual health.

When you do biblical meditation, think of it as an inner-reflection and not an academic approach. Focus on rumination, imagination, and communion with God.

Here’s what you need to do in a 12-minute biblical meditation:

  1. Pick a Bible passage. 2 mins.

Select a passage that focuses on God’s faithfulness, compassion, and love. You can choose the passage from Psalms, Colossians, Romans, John.

  1. Pray fervently. 2 mins.

Open up yourself to the Word of God. Concentrate and understand what the bible verse means to you today. Meditate as to how the verses speak the message for you. Be still and pray.

  1. Read slowly and write. 1 min.

Ponder on God’s word and its deeper meaning. Read the verse repeatedly, and then write it down. Then, read again slowly. Digest every word. Feel it through the heart and understand it through the mind.

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  1. Understand its meaning. 2 mins.

Be very careful when reading the bible passage. Read it in its deeper meaning not in its literal context. Ask for God’s wisdom that He may give you the core of His message.

  1. Meditate. 3 mins.

Focus on the significance of God’s word. Ask yourself some questions related to the bible verse you picked. How can I do this today? Am I like this? Am I worthy of His goodness? Keep the questions flowing and you will unravel answers that will spiritually move you.

  1. Pray once again. 2 mins.

Pray about what you have gained in your meditation. Speak to God, confess, thank, or praise Him. Be humble and let Him heal you.

  1. Act accordingly every day.

Biblical meditation would be futile if you don’t work it out, because faith without work is dead (James 2:26). Act what had God taught you and share His message of love and peace.