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Religion and Spiritual Studies

Unlocking the True Self through Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever felt that you are one with the world? You become aware of your spiritual nature? And acknowledge that your existence is as fleeting as the wind?

Spiritual awareness is opening our inner soul into its true purpose and abilities. You begin to pay attention to the small details of life. And life has more meaning to you rather than just eat, work, and sleep.

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How Early Christianity Started

Knowing the roots of what we believe gives us a deeper understanding of why we believe. Ignorance to one’s belief is ignorance to what and who we love and hope. As Christians, we should know some facts answers on questions like “when did Christianity begin?” or “how did Christianity start?” These questions give us a clear picture of how early Christians struggled and made a great impact on the western history and culture.

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Everyday Spiritual Practices You Can Use to Reconnect to Your Spirituality

Am I spiritual? We ask this question now again especially at certain points in our lives. Whether we are going through a particularly stressful experience or perhaps while we are contemplating the sunset of our existence, this question sometimes passes through our minds in times of difficulty.

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