Putting God First: Every Christian’s Ultimate Priority

Ways to Create an Endearing Relationship with God

In today’s modern age, putting God first may seem an impossible endeavor. The inevitable worldly distractions, needs of our family, and endless problems in life are some of the reasons why God, most of the time, is left unwanted. We seldom pray, and only pay attention for our body’s survival without minding our soul’s hunger for God’s presence. And for a moment, we ponder, can we deviate from the cycle of distractions and focus on God once again?

Putting God First

As faithful Christians, putting God as our main priority builds a strong and meaningful relationship with Him. We must all be willing to believe in Him against all odds. Read below and practice some basic ways to put God as your ultimate priority in life.

Pray as though everything depended on God


One of the essential elements that make up a true Christian is prayer. Without prayer, the Christian life would collapse instantly, and all hopes for miracles and dreams are mere fantasies. The act of praying is an act of connecting to God.

Set a time every day to pray assiduously without any distractions from the outside world. There are different prayers you can actually use before going to sleep, eat, or leave from home. Pray in silence and the God of Silence will beckon you to a life of righteousness and goodness.

Read the bible and reflect

reading bible

The word of God contains overwhelming lessons about life. In God’s word, we can find comfort, strength, and abundance of inspirations. Read some chapters in the bible. Look for a verse and reflect what it means to you. Try Lectio Divina—a personal and dynamic scripture reading—instead of your daily normal bible reading. In doing so, you’ll have a more piety Christian life.

Christian life

Attend mass and join church gatherings

church gatherings

The holy mass is a celebration of Jesus’s transformation, a sacred banquet of blood and body of Christ. It is where the followers of Christ gather together to witness God’s mighty and unending love. Hence, attending mass and church gatherings is vital for spiritual relationship with God because it tightens our faith and connects us deeper with the Almighty.

 Take the leap of faith


Living for God means taking your cross and carrying it without doubt. We may all have many priorities in life, but if you put your faith in God, everything will move into its rightful place. Put Him in the center of your life, and your life becomes more purpose-driven.

The leap of faith is an act of inward commitment to the uncertain and believing beyond the realm of reason. And if you still believe even with uncertainty, you will soon be granted an eternal life.

An authentic Christian puts God first in everything. The ultimate secret in putting God as priority is to imitate Him. When one follows Christ, one follows into the light of hope, love, and faith.