A Life of Service: The Sole Purpose of Mission Trips and Why Christians Should Join

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. Matthew 9:37-38

The Sole Purpose of Mission Trips and Why Christians Should Join

There are many of us who may have strayed away from the word of God. Aimless and living the life of sinfulness and misery, some are in need of encouragement and inspiration and to be embraced by God’s love and forgiveness

You can save others no matter the distance and language. If you are willing to glorify the Lord then go therefore and make disciples of all nations.


So why are mission trips important?

The sole purpose of mission trips is not about us; it’s always about Him.

Some of the famous Christian missionaries believe that joining short-term mission trips will change one’s outlook in life and see things more meaningfully.

Before you decide on embarking, read these reasons first to help you give a better understanding why you should go on a mission trip.

Jesus has called you1. Jesus has called you.

The scripture tells us that Jesus has told his disciples, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19). So to fulfill this calling, we should evangelize the people of God, and lead them to the rightful shepherd.
2. Your vision widens for missions.
Your vision widens for missionsGoing on a mission trip can make you realize people aren’t different at all—you will listen to stories, feelings, hopes, and dreams that tell us we are one.

3. You will fortify your commitment to Christ.
“Faith without works is dead.” As how Jesus spent his entire life—healing the lepers, helping the poor—you strengthen your commitment to serve the people of God.
4. You get to encounter Christ with new friends.
Once you try mission trips, you will see new faces. When you genuinely care and feel their problems and longings, you will see the face of God through them.
You can follow the mission of saints5. You can follow the mission of saints.
There are a number of saints who were missionaries for the gospel. If you travel to a distant place and build the Church in foreign lands, then you follow the good path of our holy saints, with zealous and courageous attitude.
6. You can comfort those in affliction.
You can comfort those in afflictionNot only can you witness their everyday life, you will begin to cultivate empathy and greater compassion toward others. You’ll have the sweetest chance to help the weak, do humanitarian work, and become part of their lives.
7. You are immersed into simple life.
You’ve heard mission stories, and you know a simple life with a simple joy with Christ is the greatest gift of all. Nothing can beat the joyous moment of being with a simple family under one roof, laughing and enjoying every second together.