Spiritual Recharge: 8 Bible Verses to Help You Get Through Tough Times

There will always be rough waves in life, but remember that God can be your Northern Star that guides your direction as you sail. No matter what challenges you may have to face, believe that He is always there, leading you to the righteous path. For the Word of God gives you comfort over fear, faith over despair, and joy over misery. And all you have to do is believe and to do your best whatever life throws at you.

Seeking the Light of the Cross with Bible Verses for Lent

For today’s Lenten reflection and prayer, read and share these ten biblical verses to make Christ’s suffering meaningful in your life.

Embracing a New Dawn, Becoming the Evangelical Christian through Social Media

Embrace this wonderful change. To promote Christ’s teachings, acknowledge the power of social media as the new means of Christian evangelization.

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From the Bible

Get a good grasp of the Word of God. Let us help you study the overarching story of the Bible and understand its context through the different verses, stories, and sayings.

Living the Christian Way

Heed God’s Word in your mind. Partake in meditation and practice mindfulness to be able to imbibe the true Christian values.

Prayer and Devotion

Worship prayers and devotional mantras help every wounded soul. Know various forms of prayer to guide you in your everyday thanksgiving and adoration.

Religion and Spiritual Studies

Know more about the broader topics on theology and religion, including history and spiritual studies of other denominations.

On Publishing Christian Books: To Every Faithful Who Wants to Share the Word of God

What You Totally Need to Learn on How to Get a Christian Book Published


In today’s modern age, more people are hungry for spiritual comfort. It’s evident, that many non-fiction books—like self-help books—have emerged to help readers who are seeking for answers and longing for guidance.

As a fellow Christian, there’s nothing more meaningful than to share your spiritual journey toward sharing the Word of God.

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Here are essential ideas and practices you have to consider when publishing your own spiritual book:

Find your purpose.

God has called you to write for a purpose. Seek that purpose and devote yourself to it passionately. And remember, your sole purpose must begin with the Lord.

  • What are you trying to prove in your writing?
  • Why do you write?
  • To whom is the book addressed to?

Once you discover and get a clearer view of your objective, commit with it.

Read fervently and write humbly.

If you have read books like The Purpose Driven Life, The Shack, or The Secret then you probably get the gist of inspiring and thought-provoking writing. Most Christian authors don’t know how important reading is, when in fact, a good writer reads good writing. Immerse in the scripture and learn the principles. 

When you write, don’t try to sound clever. As a Christian writer, be honest and write with simplicity. Your purpose is to deliver a message. Be diligent in writing; set writing schedule. Say a prayer before you write so that God’s wisdom will cast away all your doubts and fears.

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Learn how self-publishing

The self-publishing industry is also home of many scams and rip-offs, so be cautious. You have to research carefully before taking the first step. Even if it’s your second time to self-publish a book, you should always take extra precaution.

Here are some recommended Christian self-publishing companies:

  • Westbow Press
  • Christian Faith Publishing
  • LitFire Publishing
  • Lighthouse Christian Publishing

Find an editor and designer.

Unless you have a knack on designing and editing, you should find a self-publishing company that caters your writing needs. Book covers, manuscript errors, and marketing strategies can be too intimidating for you.

In Christian books, book covers give emphasis on the title and the message it conveys to the readers, so choose the best cover design.

Spread the word.

Publicity and book marketing are both essential strategies for authors. You should learn the importance of blogging, podcasting, and social networking. Not only these strategies will widen your book’s exposure; they will give your readers the opportunity to communicate with you online.

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Join different Christian authors in a group page or forum. Engage and learn useful advice. Invite your friends on your book launch. Let them know what your book is about and why they have to read it.

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