Living the Christian Way

Morning Meditation to Start a Peaceful Day

We all need that idyllic feeling when we wake up, where we can greet the sun with a fresh breeze of another new blessing.

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Deepening Our Christian Faith, Embracing Our Christian Life

God has a purpose. For every unanswered prayer, unending problem, and unwanted change, there is a reason.

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Healing Our Neighbor through Practicing the Corporal Works of Mercy

Are you willing to sacrifice your time and effort for those who need your help?
Well, you have not truly proven yourself as a faithful Christian unless you’ve done an exemplary work of generosity. These are works of charity that involve action, which is more daunting and demanding. Yet if your heart is merciful and compassionate enough, you do not only help others but you also help yourself to become a better person and follower of Christ.

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