Embracing a New Dawn, Becoming the Evangelical Christian through Social Media

How to Deepen Christian Faith and Help Christian Communities in Today’s Digital Advancement

Text messages and social media are a gift from God
Pope Francis I

evangelical christian

Social media is the new face of communication. It has transformed our way of interaction—the way we talk, how we share. Now the challenge is on how to adapt to this constant change. How can you proclaim the gospel in today’s digital world?

Embrace this wonderful change. To promote Christ’s teachings, acknowledge the power of social media as the new means of Christian evangelization.

Become the digital fisher of men, encourage others to speak the gospel with these easy and effective ways:

Post prayers or verses in your status.

Update your status with Biblical verses, and other spiritual insights relevant to today’s happening. Quotes, passages, gospel reflections—use these to draw inspiration from God’s word to your feed.

Set up a group page for your church community.

Encourage others to join your social media circle. Using a Facebook page opens up an opportunity to interact, reach out, and share insights.

evangelical christian - create social media community

Create events for your ministry.

Set schedules and events in social media. Send invites to start a Lectio Divina, holy rosary sessions, or bible meetings.  

Follow others and share their posts.

Follow other Christian members and share their posts on your timeline. Engage and respond to comments to maintain good social media relations.

Use creative content in your posts and status updates.

Make video content of inspirational verses, or create captivating photos with biblical captions that speak of spiritual wisdom. Deliver God’s word imaginatively.

evangelical christian

Show a Christ-like image.

Always act as an example to your fellow Christian friends. Live God’s word accordingly and don’t use social media just to brag about your blessings. Give thanks to God and draw yourself closer to Him.

As you share, like, and comment, ask this question: “Would Jesus share, like, and comment this too?” To become a modern evangelical Christian, tell others the good news from time to time.