Finding Meaning in Everyday Life: How to Nurture Christian Living

How do we live a life pleasing to Jesus Christ? Why must we, as Christians, strive to live a well-rounded life? Most importantly, how should we live as followers of the Lord and Savior? Thinking about these often feels like a chore, and it’s natural to feel a sense of tedium whenever we go about our obligations. However one may feel, to be transformed by grace is the best thing that could happen when living as a Christian.

Christian Living


What are the ways you could nurture your life as a follower? Here are some ways to be a good Christian.

Read the Bible frequently

The Bible is the word of God, and he frequently speaks to us through it. The good news of Christ is embedded in the Bible, and it’s important that you read it every day and know the life of Christ. But if ever you have trouble interpreting the Bible, you may join a Bible study group. Aside from the Bible, you may also check out Christian living books.

Recognize your sins and practice repentance

No one is ever free from sin. No one can be proud enough to say they haven’t sinned at all. The first step to true repentance is to acknowledge your sinful nature and ask forgiveness for the transgressions you have committed. God will always welcome you back to the fold once you truly repent and live out the Christian life.

Attend church on a regular basis

God is present in his house and in his community. To attend church, therefore, is essential to molding our lives as Christians. When we are one with Christ’s community, we are sure to receive the graces of God that’d turn us into better Christians. So don’t forget to attend church every Sunday! It’s part of the Christian way of life.

child reading a bible

Set some time for prayer

Going to church is just not enough. Prayer is also essential to building a trusting relationship with God on a more personal level. Praying is talking to God and treating Christ as your friend. Take the time to pray every day. It’s better to do it in humility and silence, living in Christ’s word.

Evangelize—tell others about Jesus

Christ commissioned us to become fishers of men. As such, we must spread the good news and seek out those who are in need of God the most. We all must set off and speak of Christ’s word, bringing everyone to the fold of the Christian community, to be living a good Christian life and the Christian way of living.How else can we live a Christian life? Just know that in Christian living, the most important thing is having a personal relationship with God, treating Jesus Christ as a brother and a friend, and living a life for Christ.