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Living the Christian Way

How do Christians celebrate the feast?

Why Do We Celebrate All Saints’ Day?

Christians celebrate All Saints’ Day to observe and honor the canonized and un-canonized saints of the Church. It is annually celebrated on the day of November 1, which is also commemorated by different Eastern Orthodox Church. All Saints’ Day must not be confused from All Souls’ Day, which is celebrated on November 2—a holiday made [read more]

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Let go and trust Him

How to Walk by Faith and Not be Afraid

Faith can do miracles. To Moses who fed the Israelites, to Abraham who became the father of many nations, and to David who did incredible things—each of these Biblical characters showed that faith can indeed make the impossible, possible. And as we continue along our Christian journey, walking by faith can also be like walking [read more]

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Let God’s words guide you.

You Are a Living Witness: Share Your Christian Testimony in Five Ways

Lost. Confused. Hopeless. At some point we felt life weighed us down. We felt crippled by the lack of purpose. We felt distant. We felt the end of the rope.But you are found. Christ came to you and everything changed. As Christians, each one of us has a spiritual journey to tell. These are wonderful [read more]

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