Living in Obedience to God

Obedience to Christ has its own rewards. And regardless, it’s a duty Christians must uphold, so as to draw ourselves closer to God. Following God’s word is essential to living a Christian life. That’s why we always practice obedience to God’s sermon, no matter the circumstances that surround us.

obedience to God


The scripture holds many teaching about obedience. In John 14:25, he tells us, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” There are other bible verses on obedience to God. Disobedience to God is a great transgression, but he’s always out to forgive us. Other scriptures on obeying god tell us how.

But what does obedience mean? How do we make the best of our duties as Christians? For the faithful, there’s no greater love than the love of Christ, so it’s only natural that we follow our calling toward Christ. And here are ways to be obedient to God.



The most important part of how to obey God is our ability to pray. Praying brings us closer to God and allows us to have a personal relationship with Christ. Praying every day will allow grace to seep into our hearts, transforming us into what Christ wants us to be.

Inviting Grace

Why is prayer important? Prayers grant us grace—and grace is what molds us into better Christians. In many ways, we should allow grace to enter our hearts through prayer and piety. Going to church and bringing ourselves to God’s presence will turn us to be more obedient to God.


Reliance on God’s power

We’ve all experienced hardships in our lives, and we know we cannot handle them alone. Thus, we must rely on God’s power to get us through obstacles. It’s a way to obey God, as he himself intended for us to place our trust in Him.

Having Faith

Faith is the first step to obedience. Faith, above all, should be taken into account before anything else. Having faith is what God wants, as Christ encouraged us to be individuals, faithful to the Gospel. Having faith, therefore, is a way of obedience, and it’s as essential as prayer itself.

Facing Tribulations

Challenges are important to spiritual growth. Without tribulations, we wouldn’t be able to seek God in our helplessness. As Christians, we do need to face them head on and strive to be better in the process. Running away won’t do us well. Face your problems all in God’s name!

God desires obedience. Whenever you’re feeling like you haven’t been growing at all, obedience will go a long way. God inspires you to do your duty well. That’s why you should always remember to do so.