How Expressive Writing Therapy Can Spiritually Heal You

expressive writing therapy

William Wordsworth, a celebrated poet, once suggested, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” That is to put your heart into your writing or bathe the pages with raw emotions.

And believe it or not, regular reflective journal writing for 20 to 30 minutes a day, at least four days a week can vent out stress and boost your health, spiritually and mentally.

Yes, expressing writing heals the soul.

Studies show that people who are into expressive writing are happier and less depressed. Signs of anxiety, uneasiness, and distress drop down after releasing emotional upheavals through journaling for months.

If you haven’t tried to heal yourself with words, then you should try opening up and writing it down this year.

Here are some of the reasons why expressive writing can be spiritually therapeutic.

Writing mends the wounded soul.

If your soul has been scarred—suffered from distress, anxiety, stress, and trauma—you are in dire need of help.

Jotting down emotions opens up the wounds, for you to be able to bleed deeply and honestly. Because when you write without pretense, you freed the negative energy you were carrying in life.

Your soul will start to lighten up. The heavy burden you feel will be unloaded as words flow through the pages. Writing becomes a spiritual remedy that releases your emotional upheavals.

expressive writing eases the pain

Writing eases the pain.

Are you dealing with something unbearable? Have you suffered the loss of a special someone, or ended a relationship?

Experiencing these difficult situations is difficult, and sometimes you feel like the world hates you.

However, writing regularly helps you get back on your feet. It gives you the time to reflect, to transform, and to let you grow spiritually.

In which each day, pain turns into words, and words reach into your inner self.

Writing taps your inner wisdom.

The creative process of expressive writing doesn’t only heal stress and trauma; it can also develop your inner self in significant ways. Since it’s also a process of self-discovery, it may lead you to a greater fulfillment.

And in some ways it helps you have a deeper connection with God when you write and hear Him in the solace of your reflection.

For if you really know who you are and what you want, you are aligned with your body and spirit, goal and action.

Writing can be a good avenue to revisit past or traumatic experiences, but this doesn’t always the case.

expressive writing taps your inner wisdom

Instead of healing the person, you can seriously add more inflict to their injury.

While writing is great way to connect with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, you can surely try other activities, like sketching, crafting, and other creative ways to express yourself and make your spiritual journey more meaningful.

Here are some authors, and their books, who struggled with their spiritual journey.

Instead of grieving or regretting their wrong decisions in life, they’ve made the choice to forgive themselves and to start anew.

They’ve also decided to share their experiences through writing a book, and hoping that their words can also spiritually transform their readers.