Everyday Spiritual Practices You Can Use to Reconnect to Your Spirituality

Am I spiritual? We ask this question now again especially at certain points in our lives. Whether we are going through a particularly stressful experience or perhaps while we are contemplating the sunset of our existence, this question sometimes passes through our minds in times of difficulty.

spiritual practice

The key to spiritual well-being centers on asking ourselves this question. The moment we begin to doubt ourselves is the time we have to reclaim our mindfulness and do exercises in order to return to a spiritual way of living in prayer and discipline.

Here are some tips to center you and make you more in touch with your spirituality:

Tip 1: Spend some time in silence and solitude

In this world full of all kinds of traffic, silence and solitude is often neglected. Technology pervades our every action and each moment is full of static noise that can distract a person from the essential things in life. Take some time in the day, preferably in the morning before you prepare for work or school and maybe some time before you sleep. With your eyes closed as you breathe deeply, take this time alone to reflect on the positive things in your life and express gratefulness to everything good that has happened to you.

Tip 2: Take care of your personal temple

We are taught that our bodies are our temple and that we must keep it clean and healthy to house the spirit of the Lord. Well, part of keeping that temple holy is eating right and doing exercise. When the body is feeling great, our spirits will be housed in a healthy and wholesome place that is peaceful. So eat those vegetables, cut out the fast food, and go on a run or take a couple of yoga classes. The more in shape your body is, the more your mind and spirit is at rest.

Tip 3: Enrich your mind

Reading is one way of getting in touch with your spirituality. Read something inspirational like the Good Word or anything that will help you with introspection. Learning exercises the mind, and discovery enhances the spiritual essence. When we seek new information, we become more aware of our actions and surroundings.


Tip 4: Engage yourself fully in all actions

There is nothing that can get us out of touch quite as easily as a smart phone. We are essentially slaves to technology, constantly hooked up to the internet and our social networks. We text while walking, browse the web on the commute home, and update our feed every time we experience something new. These actions alienate us from experiencing the reality that we lose touch with the world around us. So put away your phone, unhook from the net, and resist the urge to check those emails after hours. The best way to live life and grow spiritually is to let go of all things material and live life presently in the present. Enjoy the food you eat and be thankful. Experience the now, and be in one with the Lord.