The Only Biblical Meditation Techniques You Solely Need for Inner Peace

Through biblical meditation, you are given the chance to ponder on God’s Word and perpetual presence. Simple meditation from Christian books and Bible passages can elevate your spiritual health.

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You Need These Christian Values to Cultivate Spiritual Growth

Worldly values, like power, fame, vanity, and wealth, are too shallow to foster in our Christian living. These are temptations that blind us toward nurturing our religious values. Instead of promoting humility, we become arrogant; instead of spiritual richness, we aim for greediness; and instead of forgiveness, we want power and revenge. But those who follow God, follows not the uncertain path, they follow the truth, the way to the Father, and life (John 14:6).

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Putting God First: Every Christian’s Ultimate Priority

Ways to Create an Endearing Relationship with God

In today’s modern age, putting God first may seem an impossible endeavor. The inevitable worldly distractions, needs of our family, and endless problems in life are some of the reasons why God, most of the time, is left unwanted. We seldom pray, and only pay attention for our body’s survival without minding our soul’s hunger for God’s presence. And for a moment, we ponder, can we deviate from the cycle of distractions and focus on God once again?

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early Christians

How Early Christianity Started

Knowing the roots of what we believe gives us a deeper understanding of why we believe. Ignorance to one’s belief is ignorance to what and who we love and hope. As Christians, we should know some facts answers on questions like “when did Christianity begin?” or “how did Christianity start?” These questions give us a clear picture of how early Christians struggled and made a great impact on the western history and culture.

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