Ripples of Compassion: 8 Adorable Bible Storybooks that Teach Kids Kindness

With delightful stories and vibrant illustrations, these eight bible storybooks will help you teach little ones that kindness can create ripples of compassion.

Morning Meditation to Start a Peaceful Day

We all need that idyllic feeling when we wake up, where we can greet the sun with a fresh breeze of another new blessing.

Christian Denominations: A Review on the Three Major Sects of Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion, as reported in an article on NPR. The number of adherents still continues to rise today with no signs of stopping.

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From the Bible

Get a good grasp of the Word of God. Let us help you study the overarching story of the Bible and understand its context through the different verses, stories, and sayings.

Living the Christian Way

Heed God’s Word in your mind. Partake in meditation and practice mindfulness to be able to imbibe the true Christian values.

Prayer and Devotion

Worship prayers and devotional mantras help every wounded soul. Know various forms of prayer to guide you in your everyday thanksgiving and adoration.

Religion and Spiritual Studies

Know more about the broader topics on theology and religion, including history and spiritual studies of other denominations.

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