Prayer and Devotion

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How Worship Music Can Harmonize Our Spirituality

For many millennia, hymns and songs have played an important role in every religion; from the oldest hymn of Indian mantras to the contemporary worship songs, music has always been present as a medium for veneration and adoration. St. Augustine of Hippo, a renowned theologian and bishop, once said, “He who sings well prays twice.”

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Thanksgiving Prayers and Blessings

Praying is a form of serving God and obeying His words. Most often we pray when needing help and guidance when in fact, praying is like eating and breathing—you need to constantly do it to survive.

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Short Morning Prayers to Fuel Your Spirit

Prayer nourishes the soul just as healthy food does to the body. Besides a filling breakfast, a morning prayer is highly recommended for a good morning and rest of the day.

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