Prayer and Devotion


The Beauty and Spiritual Meaning of Praise

In religious context, the true meaning of praise and worship is seen as a deep reverence to the Almighty Creator—to honor the Divine and to venerate the disciples.
We all acknowledge that we don’t all praise the same God. As every religion has its own unique way of worshipping and thanking their gods.

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7 Powerful Morning Prayers

As a Christian, ask God’s forgiveness. Ask for serenity of mind. Ask for the wisdom of heart. Then let yourself surrender to His will.

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types of prayer

Types of Prayer Every Christian Should Acknowledge Today

Just as food is for the body, prayer is for the soul. We kneel, close our eyes, and bow down to embrace our fallen nature, that in such act, we find comfort and forgiveness to the Lord. Praying is one of the Christian ways to open up our human and spiritual nature to the Divine Creator. And as Christians, we should learn and practice prayer as part of our daily living, to give us strength and faith each day.

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