Achieve Internal Harmony Using Maranatha Meditation

An Overview of Meditation Using Biblical Mantras

Meditation is a widely-used form of relaxation and gateway for reflection. It is a popular tool in connecting with the soul, or inner-self (subconscious). Meditation helps in synchronizing the body, and in reaching a tranquil state of being that has been proven to be beneficial for a person’s overall health.



There are different forms of meditation, but the oldest account of it in history roots from the Hindus of Nepal. This somehow takes responsibility on how evident meditation is to cultures of Hinduism. However, despite being directly associated to Hinduism, meditation, mindfulness, and harnessing of inner thoughts are also common practices for Christians.

How do Christians meditate?

Just like how Hindus meditate, Christians also go to a state of stillness, silence, and focus. Those who meditate often go to a silent place and sit in lotus position.  Focus in meditation is achieved through the chanting of a mantra. So, what is a mantra? A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated during the process of meditation. Using a mantra during meditation enables its meaning to sink deep into the subconscious.

In Hinduism, the most popular mantra is om. Om does not have a concrete meaning. Its popularity is out of the sound it makes. The chanting of om creates a vibration that is in-sync with the universe.

What Mantras do Christians use?

Christians live their lives according to how Jesus told it, and so most of the mantras that they use are from the Bible. The scriptures have been a constant source of mantras for Christians to meditate on. It also serves as a help-book and guide for everyday living.  The most frequently used Christian mantra is Maranatha.



What is Maranatha and what does it mean?

Maranatha is often called the final instruction. It is the final instruction of St. Paul to the Corinthians and also in St. John’s Book of Revelation. It is a sacred scriptural word acclaimed for being the last word written in the Bible. The word Maranatha is in Jesus’s language, Armaic, and it has two meanings depending on how it is said. If Maranatha is divided into four syllables, ma-ra-na-tha, it means, “Come Lord.” If it is divided in two, maran-atha, it means, “Lord is here.”

Just like in Christian prayers where the Lord’s presence is acknowledged, the chanting of Maranatha during meditation serves as an invitation for Jesus. The Christian meditation process and the chanting of Maranatha is basically an affirmation that the Lord’s presence is needed to achieve peace and harmony in a person’s life.

The practice of meditation transports people into a different level of awareness, not just of the self, but of the environment and the present time as a whole. Christians who meditate on the word of Jesus is brought to a state of peace and union with God. In this union, a Christian is set to live life like Jesus and understand life events in accordance to the will of God.